Feeling Blue

For the last few months I've been on a dairy-free gluten-free kick. Though I have been somewhat unsuccessful in sticking to that kick, my wholehearted attempts have lead me to discover some great foods and drinks that I probably would not have ordinarily tried. One such find I am especially happy to have stumbled upon is Blue Ice Vodka.

Once the memory of taking eight shots of vodka from a plastic jug, and then chasing it with Nestea ice tea from a drink box, no longer caused me to break out into a cold sweat, "Top Shelf" vodka has been my drink of choice. Vodka tonics, Lemon drops, Appletinis, vodka collins... And once those started to interfere with my waistline, vodka sodas. So I was particularly dreading my decision to go gluten-free as gluten = grain = grain alcohol = vodka. Until that is, I stumbled on this gem.

Blue Ice Vodka. I picked up a bottle before my trip to New York so that my good friend KL and I could enjoy our favorite beverage before our night on the town and we were both pleasantly surprised at the smoothness and great taste of this non-gluten goodness.


2 oz. Blue Ice Vodka
1 tbsp. dry vermouth
3 tbsp olive juice
3 olives
The perfect dirty martini.


Please Drink Responsibly!!


  1. Hi Kara,

    We stumbled upon this post and want to thank you for writing such a lovely review with beautiful pictures to boot. Love the whole blog! Have a great weekend!

    - The Team at Blue Ice


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