Photography and Forever Homes...

I was watching Animals Cops and sobbing uncontrollably as one tends to do while watching Animal Cops, and at the end of the episode I thought to myself, what could I do to help these little guys find homes? The answer was staring right back at me in the form of the most unflattering doggie pic I'd ever seen. Man... if dogs could talk. But they can't, so they're stuck with "tagged" photos of themselves all over Petfinder and the like, and have to hope and pray that their future family can look beyond the dark grainy up the nose mug shot and see the adorable. Unless....

Of course! Why didn't I think of this before?! If having a better photo helps people get more dates on Match, or look more "professional" on LinkedIn, or secure more Likes on Facebook, then maybe a better photo could help these animals get swooped up faster. I am no animal cop, but I AM a photographer.

I reached out to different animal rescue organizations and started volunteering my services. Hopefully my photos will help them find their forever homes. Until then I'm having an awful lot of fun spending time with my new friends. Aren't they adorable?!




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