A Love For All Seasons - Ann and Ben

From the moment I met Ben and Ann at Crumbs Bake Shop in Manhattan I knew they were the couple for me. I am a sucker for romantic love stories and theirs is definitely a romantic one. They both worked for the same company but this was no ordinary office romance. Ben worked in the Los Angeles office and Ann worked in the New York office. Fate stepped into their lives in the form of a work conference in Dallas, Texas and after only a few short days together they both knew they'd found the one. They carried on their long distance romance for a few months until Ben did what very few of us Southern Californians dare to do. He packed up his life in the land of perpetual sunshine and headed east. He had decided that their's was a love for all seasons. And anyone who meets Ann immediately understands why. She has a natural beauty and grace about her that will captivate you and a big personality that fills a room. She was making me laugh all day. Ben is awesome. He's down to earth, caring, and a lot of fun. Together they make a terrific pair and I was so happy to be there to help them kick off this next chapter in their love story.

Here are some of the images from Ann and Ben's very special day!

 photo DSC_9734.jpg

 photo DSC_9746.jpg

 photo DSC_9671.jpg

 photo DSC_9651.jpg

 photo DSC_9647.jpg

 photo DSC_9654.jpg

I normally don't share the father daughter first look, but this one was so sweet, I just had to.

 photo DSC_9090.jpg

 photo DSC_9101.jpg

Ann couldn't hold back the tears when she saw her father for the first time in her gown.

 photo DSC_9098.jpg

Daddy's little girl...

 photo DSC_9118.jpg

 photo DSC_9263-1.jpg

 photo DSC_9215.jpg

 photo DSC_9218.jpg

 photo DSC_9496.jpg

 photo highlawnpavillion.jpg

 photo DSC_9601.jpg

 photo DSC_9539.jpg

 photo DSC_9564.jpg

 photo DSC_9683.jpg

 photo DSC_9700.jpg

On her way to the church to get marrrrriiiied.

 photo DSC_9815.jpg

The ceremony was beautiful, short and sweet... 
 photo DSC_0078.jpg

Then it was time to celebrate!
 photo WestOrangeWedding1.jpg

 photo DSC_0174.jpg

 photo DSC_9760.jpg

 photo HighlawnPavillion.jpg

After some very heartfelt and hilarious speeches it was time to PARRRRTAY!!!

 photo reception1.jpg

 photo DSC_9438.jpg

 photo DSC_9390.jpg

 photo reception2.jpg

 photo DSC_0374.jpg


 photo DSC_9162-1.jpg

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Ray of Sunshine - Asha Pryde

While I was in LA visiting my family I stayed a few days with my cousin and her adorable little one, Asha. We took long walks and even longer naps. She's the best cuddler I know... It was heaven and on my last day with her I took this shot so that I could remember her always as my little ray of sunshine.

Happy Friday Everyone!


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