An Intimate Affair To Remember - Mindy & Eric

Mindy and Eric were married in an intimate ceremony at the historic Hendry House in Arlington, VA. The weather, the venue, the couple... everything was perfect. They did an amazing job planning their special celebration, down the the last detail. And the beautiful bouquets you're about to see, that was all Mindy. She really raised the bar on "DIY".

What I loved about this day was not only seeing how much Mindy and Eric loved each other but also seeing how much they were loved. When family and friends travel from around the globe to celebrate the union of two people, you KNOW those two people have to be pretty darn special. I can attest that Mindy and Eric are awesome and I am so happy that I was invited to play such an important part on their wedding day.

Here are just a few images from the day. Congratulations to Mindy and Eric. Wishing you both many many years of happiness, wellness and continued good fortune. 

 photo HendryHouseWedding-9528.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-9551.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-9570.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-9609.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-9675.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-9689.jpg

Sister love!

 photo HendryHouseWedding-9893.jpg

Is this not the cutest flower girl ever?!

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0658.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-9732.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0761.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0739.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0740.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-9787.jpg

I can't even arrange flowers in a vase... Just look at this bouquet! Mindy's got skills right?

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0264.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0022.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0019.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0089.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-8742.jpg

This shot captured by the talented Natarsha N. Wright put a big smile on my face. 

 photo HendryHouseWedding-8748.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0122.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0146.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0814-1.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0234.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0230.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0288.jpg

Cousin Rose from Australia... Isn't she lovely?

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0507.jpg

How adorable is this moment between the little flower girl and her grandpa?

 photo HendryHouseWedding-1030.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-1044.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-1214.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0369.jpg

 photo Blog1.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0464.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0509.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0553.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0569.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0576.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0596.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0715.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0768.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0837.jpg

 photo WeddingFavors.jpg

 photo HendryHouseWedding-0844.jpg

Venue - Hendry House
Second Shooter - Natarsha N. Wright
DJ - Ed Witles
Caterer - Avalon Catering
Officiant - Cantor Jinny Marsh
Hair and Makeup - Therese at Casal's dé Spa & Salon
Florist - Mindy


  1. The best wedding I've ever been to, and the most fun I've ever had in my life! Everything was perfect! I loved meeting Kara--took one look at her and wanted her to be my BFF. This is Diana, the mother of the bridegroom.


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