The Perfect Gift - Baby Emma

I met Becca, Gary and Baby Emma on the Upper West Side in Manhattan for our family session. Mother Nature decided to go off script for a day and instead of the hot muggy NYC summer days I've come to know and avoid, she gave us sunny and beautiful with 0% humidity and a nice cool breeze. Anyone who's spent time on the east coast knows that days like this one are few and far between, so when they do happen, its like a gift that you just can't pass up.

I had a wonderful time getting to know this lovely family. Miss Emma looked adorable in her lime green polka dress accented with a beautiful amber necklace and a rainbow bow in her baby blonde hair. I hear rainbow bows are all the rage this season. Emma is quite the little fashionista. Mom and Dad were not only great with Emma but great with each other. We chatted for quite awhile after our session and not gonna lie, part of me wanted to follow them home and ask, "So, what's for dinner?!" And by part of me, I mean all of me. They're kind of amazing.

Becca and Gary, I hope every day with your beautiful baby girl is like the gift of a perfect summer day. Thank you so much for allowing me to capture these photos of your family!

Here is a sneak peek from our day in Riverside Park.


 photo NYCFamilyPhotographer_0206.jpg

 photo NYCFamilyPhotographer_0191.jpg

 photo NYCFamilyPhotographer_0186.jpg

 photo NYCFamilyPhotography_0254.jpg

 photo NYC_Family_Photography-5.jpg

 photo NYCFamilyPhotographer_0240.jpg

 photo NYCFamilyPhotographer-0271.jpg

 photo NYCFamilyPhotographer-9300.jpg

 photo NYCFamilyPhotographer-9273.jpg

 photo NYCFamilyPhotographer-0331.jpg

 photo NYCFamilyPhotography-9576.jpg

 photo NYCFamilyPhotography-9450.jpg

 photo NYCFamilyPhotographer-9496.jpg

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  1. Thank you so much! The pictures look great.

  2. These are so beautiful! You so captured their personalities and the love they have for each other. I can't choose a favorite... these are just great. :) <3


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