Sapphire Events DC - Oxon Hill Manor

I am so excited to share this collaboration with Ash'leigh of Sapphire Events DC. She pulled together a rockstar team of vendors to bring her Romantic Vintage Wedding to life. I saw how much work she put into this session and I think we can all agree that it paid off. Ash'leigh, you definitely "rocked the manor shoot"!

Planning & Styling: Sapphire Events DC
Makeup: Kelley Woods
Macarons: DC Patisserie
Cake: Simply Desserts 
Cake Pops/Balls and Chocolate Covered Oreos: TheSweetToothBar
Videography: Clark Bailey 
Wooden Monogram: Ten23 Designs 
Hand Lettering: April Rashad Design
Table Rentals: Oxon Hill Rentals

 photo Styled_DC_Wedding_4.jpg
 photo Styled_DC_Wedding_3.jpg
 photo Styled_DC_Wedding_26.jpg
 photo Styled_DC_Wedding_16.jpg
 photo Styled_DC_Wedding_1.jpg
 photo Styled_DC_Wedding_17.jpg
 photo Styled_DC_Wedding_29.jpg
 photo Styled_DC_Wedding_9.jpg
 photo Styled_DC_Wedding_8-1.jpg
 photo Styled_DC_Wedding_13-2.jpg
 photo Styled_Wedding_DC-1403.jpg
 photo Styled_Wedding_DC-1410.jpg
 photo Styled_DC_Wedding_5.jpg
 photo Styled_DC_Wedding_30.jpg
 photo Styled_DC_Wedding_15-1.jpg
 photo Styled_DC_Wedding_14.jpg
 photo Styled_Wedding_DC-1016-2.jpg
 photo Styled_DC_Wedding_7.jpg
 photo Styled_DC_Wedding_21.jpg
 photo Styled_Wedding_DC-1567.jpg
 photo Styled_DC_Wedding_22-1.jpg
 photo Styled_DC_Wedding_28.jpg
 photo Styled_DC_Wedding_24.jpg
 photo Styled_DC_Wedding_27.jpg
 photo Styled_DC_Wedding_23.jpg

First Date Decisions - Ashley and Moe

What do you do when the cute guy from school asks you to go to a Redskins game?

What if you're a Cowboys fan? That's the dilemma Ashley was faced with when Moe asked her on that first date. After some coaxing from her BFF, Ashley said yes to the date that would turn out to be the first of many. Now Ashley and Moe are getting ready for one very special date next Spring, their wedding day.
And Ashley's BFF who gave her that nudge she needed is none other than the lovely Ash'leigh of Ash'leigh and Marcus.

Ashley and Moe had their engagement session in the beautiful and historic Old Town Alexandria. It was the perfect hybrid of summer and fall, sunny and warm with 0% humidity and a light breeze. Heaven! I had such a wonderful time getting to know them better. They have a sweet playfulness and a certain way with each other that I find delightful and am so excited to be shooting their wedding next year.

I hope you enjoy these photos from their engagement session!

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-4-1.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-9289.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-9302.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-9293.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-9374.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-1.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-9585.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-9488.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-9676.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-9698.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-9768.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-9704.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-9793.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-3.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-9843.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-2.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-0012.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-0022.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-0045.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-5.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-9958.jpg

 photo OldTownAlexandria-.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-0073.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-6.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-0102.jpg

 photo Alexandria_Engagement-0059.jpg

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