One Month - Jayden Liam

Baby Jaden celebrates 1 month with a photo shoot! Isn't he adorable?! Bruce and Sharnita are two very blessed parents. I'm so grateful that they contacted me to do this family session. Hope you enjoy this sneak peek!

 photo Jaden-3118.jpg
 photo Jaden-3491.jpg
 photo Jaden-3406.jpg
 photo Jaden-3219.jpg
 photo Jaden-3222.jpg
 photo Jaden-3266.jpg
 photo Jaden-1.jpg
 photo Jaden-3373.jpg

Welcome Baby Kwak!

 photo Caleb-2449.jpg

 photo Caleb-2453.jpg

 photo Caleb-2804.jpg

 photo Caleb-2645.jpg

 photo Caleb-2862.jpg

 photo Caleb-2847.jpg

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