Meridian Hill Park - Diana and Wes

The only thing that makes me happier than hearing the news of a good friend getting engaged is getting that email asking if I can do their engagement photos. Makes me feel like I just got engaged. "YES! I WILL! OF COURSE!"

I have known Diana now for almost 7 years. We went to business school together and after graduation both found ourselves in DC. Actually she was living in DC. I was living in the greater -- and I do mean greater -- DC area. But what's a few miles between friends? When I'd learned that there was a new man in her life, I couldn't wait to meet him. I drove in to meet them for dinner during Restaurant Week and it probably took all of ten minutes before I thought, Wes is awesome! He's smart, funny and speaks his mind. Best of all, he has excellent taste in women. Diana is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I am so happy for them both!

Wes suggested that we do their engagement session at Meridian Hill Park, which is now my new favorite park in DC. It was a warm Fall day with a bit of a breeze and there was beautiful light everywhere.

Hope you enjoy this sneak peek! Congrats Diana and Wes! Can't wait until July!

 photo MeridianHillEngagement-5729.jpg
 photo DC_Engagement2.jpg
 photo MeridianHillEngagement-5243.jpg
 photo DC_Engagement3.jpg
 photo MeridianHillEngagement-5356.jpg
 photo DC_Engagement6.jpg
 photo MeridianHillEngagement-5388.jpg
 photo MeridianHillEngagement-5611.jpg
 photo DC_Engagement4.jpg
 photo MeridianHillEngagement-5485.jpg
 photo MeridianHillEngagement-5844.jpg
 photo MeridianHillEngagement-5792.jpg
 photo MeridianHillEngagement-5828.jpg
 photo MeridianHillEngagement-6070.jpg
 photo MeridianHillEngagement-6094.jpg
 photo MeridianHillEngagement-6073.jpg
 photo DC_Engagement8.jpg
 photo MeridianHillEngagement-6129.jpg
 photo MeridianHillEngagement-6267.jpg
 photo DC_Engagement7.jpg
 photo MeridianHillEngagement-6199.jpg
 photo MeridianHillEngagement-6329.jpg

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Dumbarton House Wedding - Alex and Jason

Alexandra and Jason met at a party in DC... a chance meeting that would be the catalyst that set destiny's wheels in motion, destination "I Do". It is very easy to see why they are each other's happily ever after, but Jason's brother said it best, "She's the Hall to his Oates." Anyone who knows them knows that they really do complement each other in as wonderful a way as any two can, and as a wedding photographer, I "can" go for that. See what I did there? ;)

Their special day was filled with lots of laughter, a few tears (happy ones) and enough love to warm the even the briskest of Fall days. They were married at the historical Dumbarton House in Georgetown and did an incredible job of planning their special day. They chose a mix of warm and vibrant colors for a wonderful twist on the traditional Fall theme. It was such a beautiful wedding that I cannot wait to share it with you.

CONGRATULATIONS ALEX AND JASON! I am so honored to have been your wedding photographer, but even more honored to call you both my friends. Wishing you the very best! Hope you enjoy this sneak peek!


 photo DumbartonHouse-9983.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-9915.jpg
 photo DCWeddingPhotography8.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-9875.jpg
 photo DSC_0092.jpg
 photo SMP_Submission-0110.jpg
 photo DSC_0200.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-0115.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-0236.jpg
 photo DCWeddingPhotography1.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-0293.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-0308.jpg
 photo DupontCircleHotel2.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-0365.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-0379-1.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-0409-1.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-0354.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-0403.jpg
 photo DCWeddingPhotography3.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-1034.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-1208.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-0865.jpg
 photo DCWeddingPhotography2.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-0986-1.jpg
 photo DCWeddingPhotography9.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-0967.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-0998.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-1934.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouseWedding2.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-1658.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-1702.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-1776.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-1790.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-1846.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-1898.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-1367.jpg
 photo DCWeddingPhotography4.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-1352.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-1968.jpg
 photo DCWeddingPhotography5.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-2030.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-2047.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-2132.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-2100.jpg
 photo DCWeddingPhotography6.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-2098.jpg
 photo DCWeddingPhotography7.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-2157.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-2292.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-2300.jpg
 photo DumbartonHouse-2773.jpg

Many thanks to the vendors who made this day possible:

Wedding Planner: Anne Canosa Events
Floral Design: Jennifer Henel
Makeup: Jordan Noel
Music: Winn Brothers Band
Catering: Main Event Catering

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