Match Made in LA - Ashley and Brendan

He's laid back. "Almost too laid back," says the planner. She falls asleep during movies... every time. They are playful and loving. They laugh together. They support one another. They compliment each other. They are indeed a match. When Brendan proposed, he wanted it to be perfect. They walked and walked over rocky terrain until he found THE spot. Little did he know any spot would have been the perfect spot for Ashley. She of course said Yes and they will tie the knot in scenic Buck Hill Falls almost a year to the day from their engagement and I couldn't be more excited to capture their big day.

Here is a sneak peek from Ashley and Brendan's Terranea Resort Engagement Session.

Hope you enjoy!

~ Kara Coleen

 photo Ashley_Brendan-0668.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-7-1.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-0724.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-2-1.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-0921.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-0773.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-3-1.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-0738.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-1-1.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-0963.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-4-1.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-1204.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-0989.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-1263.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-1314.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-1283-1.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-1416.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-1492.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-5-1.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-1478.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-1629.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-1524.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-1676.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-8.jpg
 photo Ashley_Brendan-1715.jpg

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