Almost Baby - Susana and Mac

I have known Mac for pretty much my entire life so this session is near and dear to my heart. When his wife Susana approached me to take maternity photos, I was thrilled. I'd lived on the east coast for the better part of their relationship so this was actually my first time hanging out with just the two of them. Most of my memories of Mac are of us running around in our parents' backyards so it was really nice seeing him in 'husband mode', and his lovely wife Susana is as sweet as she is beautiful. When you see these images you'll know that's pretty darn sweet. 

I'm so excited to share this sneak peek from their maternity session.



 photo SheikhMaternity-0274.jpg
 photo Maternity-1.jpg
 photo SheikhMaternity-0141.jpg
 photo SheikhMaternity-0178.jpg
 photo Maternity-3.jpg
 photo SheikhMaternity-0322.jpg
 photo SheikhMaternity-0352.jpg
 photo SheikhMaternity-0297-1.jpg
 photo Maternity-4.jpg
 photo SheikhMaternity-0076.jpg
 photo SheikhMaternity-0368.jpg
 photo Maternity-2.jpg
 photo SheikhMaternity-0033.jpg

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