Portofino Hotel Wedding - Tiffany + Glen

Tiffany and Glen were married at the Portofino Hotel last weekend in a beautiful ceremony overlooking the Pacific. The seemingly unrelenting heatwave that has plagued Los Angeles all summer took the day off to give us a perfect day, warm with a slight breeze and no humidity. Family and friends gathered together to support and celebrate the union of two of the nicest and coolest people ever. It was a beautiful marriage of cultures as they chose to incorporate both western and Thai traditions.

I've known Tiffany for awhile, and have always thought she was one of the sweetest people I'd ever met. When she contacted me about shooting her wedding I was so excited to meet the man who'd stole her heart. We met over coffee and chatted about how they met and about their wedding. We talked about their travels and that lead to them sharing a story from their most recent trip to Thailand.

They booked passage on a ferry ride from Phuket to Koh Lanta for a romantic getaway. Their well intentioned plans soon became their worst nightmare however, as they found themselves in the middle of a freak storm. The ferry boat was taking a beating and it became clear to them that they would not make it to their destination if they continued on. All of the passengers were scared and many seasick. Tiffany and Glen stayed on the outer deck prepared to jump and swim for it in the event of a capsize! Much to everyone's relief the captain decided to turn back. They made it back shaken but safe. Many boats sank that day. Thankfully theirs did not, and some day they will regale their children and grandchildren with this tale, this tale of a fateful trip, that started from this tropic port, aboard the not so tiny ship. As I listened to them tell this story of a vacation gone awry I couldn't help but smile, not only at the absurdity of the situation, but also at the way they told it, laughing the entire time. It reminded me of this quote:

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Tiffany and Glen, I wish you many more adventures together; ones that leave you more connected and even deeper in love. You should probably stay away from ferry rides in the middle of storms though... Consider that bucket list item checked.


Congratulations on becoming Mr. and Mrs! Thank you for choosing me to capture these memories and I hope you enjoy these preview of your wedding day!

~ Kara Coleen ~

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Venue and Catering: The Portofino Hotel and Yacht Club
Hair and Makeup by: Angie Hair and Makeup 
Florals: Casa Blanca Flowers
Music: DJ Frankie Rios

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