Malibu Engagement Session - Jessica and Steve

Relationships have many milestones. First kiss. First time you meet the parents. First time you say, "I love you." There are also those milestones that aren't as obvious but just as important in shaping the course of a relationship. When Jessica told Steve that she wanted to move to California after school he was completely supportive. He knew that she was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and so he went all in and made plans to join her on the left coast. This was probably their most important milestone yet, as it allowed them to work on building a real life together, just the two of them. They have really explored California together, and through their adventures, they have created lasting memories further solidifying their already amazing relationship. And to think... it all started with a little trash talk.

Jessica was in St. Louis for school and she and her friends went out to a bar one fateful night. While they were standing around, she heard Steve's group talking about the Cardinals. As die hard Cubs fan she, of course, had no choice but to step in and add her two cents. Baseball trash talk soon turned into "getting-to-know-you" talk. Jess says he was easy to talk to, sweet, and handsome. Steve thought she was absolutely gorgeous, but will be the first to admit that despite the interest, he had zero game that evening. When last call rolled around, he never asked for her number, which she says totally threw her for a loop. She had even pulled out her phone in anticipation of him asking, but all she got that evening was a hug goodbye.

Luckily they had mutual friends and found a way to reconnect the following weekend at a tacky Christmas party that Steve and his roommates were throwing. Steve was sure not to make the same mistake again, and at the end of that night, clad in a Christmas pajama set and a Santa hat, he got the digits. After nine months and several almost slips, Steve told Jess he loved her for the very first time. Next June they will reach another new milestone, Mr. and Mrs.

They both really wanted this engagement session to represent their life in California. They spent a lot of time hiking and going to the beach so Malibu was the perfect backdrop. I had the best time with Jess and Steve during their session. We spent the whole time laughing and swapping stories, and concluded the shoot by sharing a glass of wine from the vineyard where they got engaged. It really was like hanging out with old friends. I'm really glad (and I'm sure Steve is too) that Jess is a mouthy Cubs fan. ;)


Congratulations Jessica and Steve! I'm so excited for you as you enter this new phase of your lives. Looking forward to seeing what exciting new milestones lay ahead!

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