A Life in Love - My Homage to Gally

One year ago today, I had to bid a final farewell to the light of my life, my pup Gally. She introduced me to the wonderful world of unconditional love. The love I felt for her was so great, it was sustaining and I truly believed that without her, I would simply cease to exist. But that of course didn’t happen. While I was unbearably sad, in the days following her passing, I did continue to exist.
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As the fog of grief began to lift, I started to remember all of the wonderful moments I shared with Gally, and the lessons she taught me about life and love. In time I grew to see her passing less as a devastating experience and more as a spiritually catalyzing one. In order to regain the sense of self I'd lost with Gally's departure, I began practicing the lessons she spent 11 years trying to teach me. With each passing day I watched my life become better than I ever could have imagined.

So, I’d like to honor her today by sharing 3 of her principles for living a happy life in love.

1 - Be Present. Gally lived in the moment, and continuously tried to keep everyone around her in the moment. There is a freedom in living your life mindfully, not bound by the mistakes or successes of the past, the unknowns of the future. I think she understood that life happens in the now, happiness is in the now, so the now is all that matters.
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2 - Practice Forgiveness and enjoy your walk. Gally didn’t like being left at home for long periods of time. In fact she hated it, but we just couldn't take her with us everywhere. Still, she never took it personally. I’d come home after a long day, and as soon as I grabbed her leash, she’d forget all about my transgression and run to the door, excited for her walk. Could you imagine if you took your dog for a walk after a long day and the dog spent the entire time complaining about what an awful owner you were? Sounds ridiculous right? And yet, that’s what we do, all the time. We choose to complain during our metaphorical walks. Gally's advice: Accept that we are all flawed, forgive swiftly, and enjoy your walk!
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3 - Love no matter what. Gally didn’t choose us, but she did choose to love us, unconditionally. That is often the case in life. We don’t have a choice in who comes into our lives, but we can choose how we engage with them when they do. Choose love, with no conditions or restrictions. Some will be deserving of that love, some will not, but in the end isn’t it better to have lived a life in love?
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These are the lessons my amazing girl taught me. I used to think that it was Gally who brought out the very best part of me, but I later realized that she just shined a light on it. I still miss her every day, but am so grateful to have been blessed with her in my life. She was a beautiful force of nature who left me forever changed. We should all be so lucky to know a love this great.

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  1. What a beautiful message worth holding onto. Gally is so right that by holding onto the negative, we miss out on the positive. She had the best life a dog could ask for with you... And as always, you capture the moments in photographs perfectly.


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